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Program Overview

Maysville Elementary Counseling Program

Program Overview

Your child will be seeing Ms. Brown for whole group lessons on SOARing and Character Education.

S=Stay safe

O=Outstanding Attitude

A-Always Respectful


  • Classroom guidance lessons: These lessons help address common issues for students at a particular age or grade, such as feelings, study skills, positive relationships, personal safety, and career awareness. Other topics we will address include: 

    • Emotional Awareness, Coping Skills, & Empathy                    

    • Respect and Bullying Prevention/Awareness       

    • Responsibility & Personal Hygiene                     

    • Self-control & Anxiety          

    • Careers & Diversity

    • Conflict Resolution & Friendship/Social Skills  

    • Caring, Fairness, & Kindness

    • Personal Safety/ Safer Smarter Schools Curriculum

  • Small group counseling sessions: These groups help address students’ needs both proactively and reactively. Groups will run for 4-6 weeks, and will require parent permission.  

  • Individual counseling sessions: These can be proactive or reactive in nature as well. These are for students who need an immediate need met or a need which is best not to be addressed in a group setting.

  • Family or parent consultations: If you have a concern specifically about issues that are social or emotional related, please reach out to me! 

  • Teacher consultations: I frequently meet and discuss students’ needs with the teachers. Teachers often ask for my input or for my involvement with a student or family in order to address the whole child and best meet their needs.

  • Referrals: I am able to assist families with referrals to psychologists, counselors, and psychiatrists in private practice. I can also link families with other community agencies for other types of needs. 

  • Crisis response: I have training in crisis response and counseling for those more immediate and urgent needs that require school or counselor intervention. 

Parent Engagement: Parents will have an opportunity to engage with the school counseling program throughout the year.

If you have any questions about your child and what we will be covering this year in the counselor’s SOAR special, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 706-652-2241 or 

Thank you for your investment in keeping your child SAFE and SOARing! 

Emma Brown

MES School Counselor